Technological Products:

  • Nano Technology Fabrics,
  • Fabrics with special treatments for easy use,
  • Flame Resistant Fabrics, Artificial Leathers,
  • Antibacterial Fabrics

Technologies have been produced for Functionality and Frequent Usage in your life area. Our company feels happiness to present these new products to our valuable customers. With these smart fabrics, the stains are not problem anymore, fabrics can be washed more often amd more comfortably, flame resistant products prevents easily burning of the products.

14 there are products

"Carolina Technological Product Collection."

Product code : TU01

It is a product with high durability, which is lined with cotton base lining.

75% wool, 25% polyamide (nylon), this product touches in the style of felt.

A microfibre fabric with high microfibre technology has a special print on the microfiber fabric to give a true nubuck appearance. The product is lami...

Our modern product lines are vivid, with a radiant linen texture.

This product, which is the true suede alternative woven with high microfiber technology, has been laminated with polar primer to increase its durabili...

This product with true leather-printed polyurethane and pvc content is artificial leather which has high durability and is a true leather alternative.

This product, which is a mixture of polyurethane and pvc, is supported by our polyester base lining.

It does not contain flame retardant and carcinogenic substances.

Product code : YG03

This product is 100% polyester with vivid colors in the appearance of wool felt.

This product used in modern sofas and sofas has high durability with soft touch and fine structure.

Our 100% PVC product is imported from Italy.

Product code : SD04

This product, which is woven with high microfibre technology and is used as an alternative suede, is lined with cotton base lining to increase its dur...

This product, which is the same on both sides, is a product that is easily cleanable with soft touch of velvet feeling and high durability with its vi...

Product code : Deluxe