ALYA Leather-Fabric is an istanbul based company that has developed interior  design solutions by keeping the aesthetic and quality for living spaces since 1993.ALYA's expert project and architectural team transforms the imagined spaces into reality by locating customer needs and expectations.


ALYA offers desing solutions for all places,especially home,office and hotels,with orginal concepts that are created by upholstery leather and fabrics,drapery fabrics and tulles and wallpapers collections'exclusive products or customer preferences and boutique workmanship that is made in ALYA ateliers. 


We produce unique concepst in our ateliers as complete solutions by boutique workmanship in order to meet your needs in the collections created to respond to your selection and to meet your needs for upholstery,drapery,special accessories and wallpaper,with the support of our interior architecture.


We provide  turn-key service by determining the demands of your hotel,hospital,office and institutional spaces on the spot with our interior architects and technical team.We would like to thank you for your support for the better,more beautiful presentation.