"Wallpaper is an indoor decoration product which can be applied to the wall by means of its special glue."

The upper paper, which is first quality paper and color and texture are pressed, is fasten with bottom paper, and depending on texture structure, embossing is given to doubled paper with special cylinder and the emboss paper is produced. Emboss is giving to all surface, it is made by emboss of the figures. 

Texture Press and Emboss should not be intersected, emboss should not deform the wallpaper, deepness of emboss should be the same in these types of the wallpaper. 

Lamination must be powerful and regular on the emboss wallpapers. When the wallpaper is glued, up and bottom layers should not be separated. 


This kind of wallpaper has the most common usage area in the world. It is a special paper which is manufactured by lamination of PVC over lining paper. After pressing color and textures on upper surface covered by PVC, texture effects and emboss textures are given to paper by special cylinder and with hot emboss technique. They have some advantages when they are compared with other wallpapers. They have resistance to sunlight. With is PVC based structure, they are dirt and stain resistant and they can be cleaned by wet fabric even then can be cleaned by brush. There are many different types, each have different structure. After applied, joint places cannot be seen, they can be easily dismounted. They can be used in wet places like kitchen and bath. 


There are many different types of them with their different material structures. After applied to walls, they can be painted depending on preference. Because of texture and emboss structure, they can be painted many times. 


The implemented surface must be smooth. If the wall is covered with cement or plaster, the wall must be supported with satin plaster and rubbed with emery to make the wall smooth. Wall corner joints plumb line and wall ceiling joints balance must be regular. 

Cut of the wallpaper should 10 cm bigger than the wall size. Second and the other lengths should be cut, depending on texture. After cutting two lengths, the texture are controlled, following lengths are cut depending on them. In order the decrease the probability of making mistakes or implementing reverse, to marking the paper is very useful. 
You can buy the wallpaper glues from the market, please use the glues according to instructions written in their boxes. If "prepasted" is written on its box, you don't need any other glue for these wallpapers, they are glued in their factory.