"Parallel to improvements in the world, Technological Improvements in the fabric sector are moving fast in our country."


Ropes, which are made of Natural or derivation of petroleum, are processed and presented to customers' like with many colors and textures and many different type of features like easy cleaning, antibacterial, flame resistant etc. 

We can sequence the points that should be paid attention in the upholstery fabric in the following



  • In order to understand distortion resistance of the upholstery fabric , you should pay attention to its friction constant
  • We should pay attention to stain resistance and rope content. You should also take into account to fabric's toughness and ability of washable
  • You should pay attention that the chosen fabric must comply with furniture. You can ask for help from our company, in case, you need support in the fabric preference
  • You should pay attention to color and texture harmony.
  • The cotton, linen and silk fabrics have more quality than the other fabrics have. But the cotton has not show much resistant to sun light, however, some companies apply special techniques to them, to make it more resistant to sun light.
  • Risk of shrinking of fabric should be taken into account.
  • Tight upholstered fabrics are can be cleaned easier.
  • If your place gets a little amount of light, do not choose darker colors.

Chemical Dressings ( Apres) which are applied to upholstery fabric:

  • Fabric can gain water push feature by Teflon dressing.
  • Flame resistant dressing makes fabric not easily burnable and prevents fabric to be burned easily.
  • There are different processes for light sensitivity, but sulphur dioxide in the air and chlorine in the water causes fabric's color to be pale.
  • Heat transfer procedure is applied to fabric to make them resistant to sun light.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Upholstery Fabric: You should prefer washable or dry cleanable fabrics while choosing upholstery fabrics.

  • You should choose boiled water while cleaning upholstery fabrics. Because when you boiled the water, the chlorine is evaporated and it cannot damage the fabric.
  • The cleaning can be done with a moist fabric which is washed with warm water and soap and squeezed.
  • You can clean the upholstery fabric and the curtain from dust by using vacuum cleaner (by using its small brush
  • Please use vacuum cleaner in the direction of fuzz with light touches.
  • Please clean the material poured into fabric immediately, while cleaning, do not apply pressure on stain. Otherwise, fabric will take stain inside and cleaning the stain will be harder.
  • You should obey the all instructions issued by the company, to prevent easy deformation of fabrics.