"Curtains are indispensable for our places. Our Company's advices for their maintenance and clean are as follows."


The cleaning method of the curtain is very important for fabric and veil curtains' life make longer. To wash curtains very often, decreases its usage life, for this reason, you can have longer washing interval by cleaning dust of curtain with curtain brush of vacuum cleaner. 

Silk, taffeta and some of the chenille fabrics must be cleaned with dry cleaning. There some important points for curtain which can be washed by washing machine: 

  • Curtains must be washed by sensitive program at 30 degrees and they shouldn't be squeezed.
  • You should prefer hang curtain immediately after washing with its wet condition, thus you are not supposed the ironing them, they can be ironed by their own weight.
  • The detergents which have whitening feature should not be used.
  • Some of the curtain types like organza need to ironing, these kinds of curtains should be ironed in sensitive mode.
  • You should protect the curtains from the sunlight, in order to increase curtain's usage life longer. To use sun curtain is the best solution.


Fabric roller blind don't need to be cleaned so often since they are chemically finished. You can clean your roller blind with vacuum cleaner without take it out. If want to wash the roller blind, you can wash it with dust soap like washing a rug, after taking it out. 


Aluminum jalousie curtains can easily hold dust, since they are metal. For this reason, they can be cleaned by using wet fabric every two months; however they can be cleaned by washing too. If you clean your jalousie curtain so often by using wet fabric, you can wash it once a year. They aren't affected from washing, since their slides are metal. You can wash your curtain on the flat surface with soap water and it is closed position. When you wash the curtain with brush, you should move the brush towards to same direction, thus you don't harm the jalousie slides. When washing process is finished, you should separate the cohesive slides. If you try to separate cohesive slides after they are dried, their metal film color can be harmed. 


Wooden Jalousie cleaning is the easiest cleaning among the others. Without taking it out, you can clean them easily. Since they are wooden, you can use dust remover feathers. Also you can make more detailed cleaning by using wooden cleaner materials and piece of fabrics like cleaning other wooden furniture. You can clean slides one by one, when they are opened. If you want to faster cleaning, you can clean your curtain by holding them closed in both directions. 


Vertical curtain cleaning can be done by taking slides out. You can take slides out by rising up and pulling to right. You can clean slides by laying them flat floor and using water and brush. After washing slides, you can dry them by wiping to prevent water spots, and you can remount them by putting mechanisms to their seats. 


Folded curtains should be cleaned by washing in the washing machine or dry cleaning depending on their type of veil and fabrics. After washing your curtain, in order to affix them easily, you should pay attention details presented below: 

  • Bring down the curtain until to floor.
  • After taking stick and sheet bar out, separate curtain from velcro on the mechanism.
  • While separating ropes from the curtain mark their place, thus you can affix them easily.
  • Do not play with mechanism or ropes, while washing the curtain
  • In the ribbon system, do not separate ribbon from the ropes, take the ribbon out of the ribbon reel from the cork of the ribbon reel and wash ribbons with ropes. Thus you are not supposed to deal with any adjustment while affixing the curtain.
  • Warn dry cleaning company for probability of melting of rings
  • If you hang the curtain washed in the washing machine when it is wet, weight of its sticks and sheet bars eliminate the wrinkles.

If you think new curtain implementation in your living area, you can ask for help in many matters to our company like measurement, curtain preference depending on your pleasure, correct and fast laboring, post-sale services.