Our genuine leather products are tanned cattle leather.Genuine leathers,as opposed to fabrics or faux leathers, cannot be homogenized in terms of color or surface smoothness.



Our  genuine leather products are tanned cattle leather. Genuine leathers,as  opposed to fabrics or faux leathers, cannot be homogenized in terms of color or surface smoothness.

There might be marks left on the skin of the animal stemming from injuries or scratches of bushes. This is not a fault or something that affect the quality of the leather. This is an expression of its characteristics and genuine quality.

Madras printing is processing a leather with special pastes or paintings to cover scars and scratches coming from the animal's lifetime.

Aniline finishing, is a special transparent, non occlusive, painting that display all the natural disposition of the leather. In other words, genuine aniline leathers are natural products that show bush scratches or scars on its surface, without any occlusive paintings. Heterogeneity on the surface of the leather is not a fad, it shows natural form of the leather.

It is not possible to have standard sized genuine leathers. Genuine leathers sizes differs from 3,5 m2 to 5 m2. Thickness is also variable in genuine leathers. Thickness ranges from 0,9 mm to 1,1 mm to 1,3 mm and rarely above1,3mm.There are also local variations in the thickness of a genuine leather. For example while the center thickness is 0,9 mm, thickness in the sides can be 1,1 mm 



Leathers should be protected against direct sunlight and high heat-light radiating spots. All leathers are susceptible to direct sunlight and it exposed it will dry, Fade and chap. To prevent these consequences, you should avoid locating your learner products in places that are under direct exposure to sunlight (window fronts) arc powerful spotlights.

Leather-upholstered products should be placed at least 50 cm away from heat sources like stove, fireplace or radiator. Otherwise leather will harden or chap by loosing its humidity.

If leather used in pillow tips and furniture arms or corner parts can cause wears.

Solid objects like keys, jewelry, toys etc. can cause unwanted marks on leather surface.

Pets can harm leather products with their claws. Saliva of animals can harm leathe, and remain marks on its surface.

leather products should not be kept in a plastic bags or humid places for 3 107, time. 



Cleaning of leathers should be done with a soft fabric, pure soap and water.Cleaning should not be applied a small area, whole surface of the leather should be cleaned at once by circular moves. Dusts over the leather can be removed with dry soft fabric. Nevertheless, every cleaning process removes certain amount of fat from the surface of leathers and cause little fractures.

Aniline, semi-aniline, rustic, pull-up, hand-painted and vegetal tanned leathers are more sensitive products and they need extra care in their cleaning.

All chemical based cleaning products like detergent, stain removers, thinners, cologne, acetone, bleachers should not be used in leather cleaning.

To achieve a long life cycle of leather products, quarterly they should be cleaned or refurbished with special leather care set or oils.

Avoid using solid cleaning apparatus like vacuum cleaners, hard brush in leather care.Leathers should not cleaned with another leather product.

If leather products get over-wet, they should left for drying unde room temperatures. Otherwise they loose too much body moisture and get harden and fractures occur.

Pictures and Colors which are used to introduce our products, can be seen different according to different screen resolution and quality. Please prefer to use our fabric swatches instead of product pictures seen in web page for your analysis

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